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Hibernate Left Join, Hibernate Left Join Example

Hibernate » On Aug 10, 2011 { 7 Comments } By Sivateja

Left join means, the objects from both sides of the join are selected and more objects  from left side are selected, even though no equal objects are there at right side, no confusion you will be able to understand if you go through this example i guess :-)

Let us see an example on hibernate left join, am taking one-to-many to explain this concept files required….

  • Vendor.hbm.xml
  • Customer.hbm.xml
  • hibernate.cfg.xml






  • Actually in see line number 27, i have written select v.vendorName, c.customerName from Vendor v Left Join v.children c
  • See before Left Join key word, i selected from Vendor v, after Left Join keywork v.children c
  • Means, actually we know in one to many if we select the data from parent then, we will get the data automatically from the children table, i mean records mapping with the parent table, hope you remembered :-)
  • Let in parent we have 5 records, and in children we have 3 records.  And 2 records are having relation with children table records

Before execute this program…..

Out put once we executed……


And thats it mates.., try with Right Join and remaining joins just same concept.

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7 Responses to “Hibernate Left Join, Hibernate Left Join Example”
  1. Rawoof says:

    you wrote insted of customer.xml

  2. Titin says:

    What is the use of CallBack interface in hibernate?

  3. Gokulnathan says:

    It is private Set Childern instead private Set Customer. Respectively the setter & getter methods. Change it!

  4. mateen says:

    db schema is missing

  5. Mukesh says:

    what is this (Join v.children c) in query

  6. Bhujatha Reddy says:

    How to make relationship between three tables using hibernate,
    Ex, i have one Account tale with fields accno,name, balance
    and usertable with fields user_id, account_id, and third table is movie_ticket with fields ticket_I’d, ticket_price,ticket_count

    Can you please help me how to deduct balance and ticket count when i book tucket

    Thank u

  7. Navya says:

    left join in that vendor.xml is there but that is vendor.hbm.xml file
    and but customer.hbm.xml right


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