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Hibernate Relationships In Depth

Using hibernate, if we want to put relationship between two entities , then in the database tables, there must exist foreign key relationship, we call it as Referential integrity. The main advantage of…

Hibernate One to Many Select Query Example

Let us see the logic for hibernate one to many mapping select query, hibernate one to many select means, if you select the parent object then automatically its corresponding child objects will also be selected, see i have given…

Hibernate Many to Many Mapping Example

Let us see an example on this many to many relationship in hibernate.  Actually here there is no question of unidirectional, only Bi-Directional. Applying many to many relationship between two pojo class objects is nothing but applying one to…

Hibernate One to One Mapping Example

Let us see few points regarding this one to one mapping.. One object is associated with one object only In this relationship, one object of the one pojo class contains association with one object of the another pojo class…

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