Struts 1.x vs Struts 2.x Main Differences

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Let us see the component and functional differences between struts 1.x and struts 2.x

  •  In struts 1.x front controller is ActionServlet
    • In 2.x front controller is FilterDispatcher
  • In struts 1.x we have RequestProcessor class
    • In 2.x we have Interceptors instead RequestProcessor will see about this concept later just remember as of now
  • In struts 1.x we have multiple tag libraries like, html, logic, bean..etc
    • In 2.x we do not have multiple libraries, instead we have single library which includes all tags
  • In struts 1.x the configuration file name can be [any name].xml and we used to place in web-inf folder
    • In 2.x the configuration file must be struts.xml only and this must be in classes folder
  • In struts 1.x we have form beans and Action classes separately
    • In 2.x form bean, Action classes are combinedly given as Action class only, of course we can take separately if we want 😉
  • In struts 1.x properties file must be configured in struts-config.xml
    • But in 2.x we need to configure our resource bundle(s) in file
  • In struts 1.x we have programmatic and declarative validations only
    • In 2.x we have annotations support too along with programmatic and declarative validations

Functional Differences

  • In struts 1.x declarative validations are done by using validation frame work
    • In 2.x, declarative validations are done by using xwork2 frame work by webwork the reason being, its support valuations through Annotations
  • In struts 1.x an Action class is a single ton class, so Action class object is not a thread safe, as a programmer we need to make it as thread safe by applying synchronization
    • In 2.x an Action class object will be created for each request, so it is by default thread safe, so we no need to take care about safety issues here
  • In struts 1.x we have only jsp as a view technology
    • In 2.x we have support of multiple view technologies like velocity, Freemarker, jasper reports, jsp bla bla
  • In struts 1.x Action class is having servlet dependency, because in execute() method accepts req, res parameter right ! so.
    • In 2.x Action class doesn’t have any servlet dependency, because its execute() method doesn’t accepts any parameters, however we can access all servlet objects with dependency injection 🙂


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