Struts Execution Flow Diagram, How Struts Works

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Let us see the execution flow of struts2

Execution flow of struts

  • When a client request is given, a web container will receive request
  • Web container loads web.xml and verifies whether the url-patterns are verified or not, if matches web-container transfer the request to FilterDispatcher
  • FilterDispatcher hand overs the request to ActionProxy, it is a proxy class which is responsible to apply before and after services to original business logic
  • ActionProxy contacts ConfiguraionManager class, to know the suitable Action for the request and the needed services for the request
  • ConfigurationManager class loads structs.xml and provides the required information back to ActionProxy
  • ActionPorxy delegates the request along with its information to ActionInvocation
  • ActionInvocation executes the interceptors added to an Action from 1 – N, after that it will call the business logic implemented from N – 1 in reverse order
  • ActionInvocation receives finally result produced by an action aclass
  • ActionProxy transfers the result back to FilterDispatcher
  • FilterDispatcher selects an appropriate view, basing on the result
  • Finally FilterDispatcher uses RequestDispatchers forwarding mechanism and forward a view as a response back to the client


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33 Responses to “Struts Execution Flow Diagram, How Struts Works”
  1. sridhar says:

    Explanation is nice…but i want to know more about
    ACtion invocation and ActionProxy class ???can you explain it ….

  2. Nagesh says:

    Very Nice Article

  3. Punam says:

    this article is nice but i would like to know more about stut1.3.could u plz help me…..

  4. suneel says:

    i would like to work struts1.x with hibernate , but i don’t have an idea .
    please provide one sample application.

  5. prasant says:

    nice man….
    but i want to know more about annotations used in struts 2.x?

  6. Really a nice description of concept.
    Thank You.

  7. Thank u for providing information

  8. Good Explanation.Thank you.

  9. Venkatsh says:

    I really like the explanation πŸ™‚

  10. sivateja you are very Greate…..i salute you.

  11. manju says:

    this article is really nice thanx..

  12. N kiran says:

    simply thanks team…….

  13. Explanation is nice…but i want to know more about
    Action invocation and ActionProxy class ???can you explain it ….

  14. manjari says:

    yes…this article is really helping to me..

  15. thank u sir it was very helpfull to me…

  16. RAJ9992 says:

    Really Nice job Java4s …….

  17. Saidulu Kakunuri says:

    Nice Explanation Shiva …

  18. Ullu says:

    very very nice

  19. Barga Deori says:

    nice explanation of struts work flow.. thanks a lot

  20. rakesh kumar says:

    nice sir ji……….

  21. suneetha says:

    so nice explanation……………………..

  22. Uday Gupta says:

    Nice Explanation and Very Informative. Thanks

  23. vishal jaiswal says:

    the way of explaining is too good……….thanks……

  24. Really nice it very helpful to learners……..tnqq

  25. Nidheesh says:

    Good Explanation I need to know more on Action proxy and filter dispatcher. Anybody please help

  26. Ram says:

    Excellent Sivateja.
    Very nice explanation. I conveyed the same in my interviews and I got into them. Well done. Keep it up.


    discuss the cloud computing architectures

  28. naveen says:

    Thank you sir for provide brief explanation to us.
    but please provide example sir..

  29. Ganesan says:

    Really awesome

  30. Arpit says:

    Can you please elaborate what is the responsibility of actionMapper, actionMapping?

  31. Madhu says:

    can u pls elabotare what is struts 1.x


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