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Topics in Ajax Programming, Ajax Tutorials with Examples

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INDEX: Tutorials On Ajax Friends, i have been tried to present almost real time Ajax concepts, here are the topics. Struts 2 index What is Ajax, Introduction to Ajax Ajax First Program With Explanation Ajax Request, open() and send()…

What is Ajax, Introduction to Ajax

Ajax is not a programming language, its the script.  Ajax means, Asynchronous java script and xml, and this is the type of programming made popular in 2005 by Google suggest [Google search, while we are typing some thing in…

Ajax First Program With Explanation

Let us see first ajax program..,  so that i can explain the inner concepts practically Files used… Firstprogram.html java4s.txt

Explanation Once the document loaded then immediately we will be able to see one button Change Content , and see…

Ajax Request, open() and send() methods

In Ajax if we want to send the request to the server,  we have 2 methods in XMLHttpRequest object to do this work,  those are open() and send(). Actually open() method will opens the connection with the server and…

Ajax Server Response, responseText and responseXML

Once we send the request to the destination , we will get the response from the server in two formats either in Text or XML, i mean we can get the response from the server by using…

Ajax onreadystatechange Event Of XMLHttpRequest Object

Once the request been sent to the server,  changes will happen in the current webpage based on the response only.  The onreadystatechange event will be triggered every time the readyState changes. Here the properties of XMLHttpRequest object onreadystatechange A…

Ajax Onchange Fetch The Data From The Database

Let us see how to fetch the data from database onchange of drop down, actually this is the real time scenario, am using jsp  you can integrate with any type of frame works ( in .java files ), concept…

Country State Dropdown Example With AJAX/Servlets

Folks this is similar to the country/state drop down using Ajax, i believe we have lot of examples regarding this country/state drop down so just would like to do little changes, so i converted into employee number and name….

Ajax,jQuery Auto Fill Dropdown On Page Load

Let us see the auto fill drop downs using Ajax and jQuery Files Required index.html db_fetch.jsp jquery-1.2.6.js (Add this jquery file at db_fetch.jsp location, same  folder) web.xml Index.html

Notes: See line number 6 in index.html ,$(document).ready(function() means we…

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