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Example On Hibernate Delete Query

Hibernate » On Jun 12, 2011 { 7 Comments } By Sivateja

This is the program to Delete a row (Object) from the database, just like using delete query in the jdbc program..

Files required to execute this program..

  • (My POJO class)
  • Product.hbm.xml (Xml mapping file )
  • hibernate.cfg.xml (Xml configuration file)
  • file to write our hibernate logic) (POJO)





As usual compile all .java programs and run to see the output

Eclipse output

Oracle DB, Before Run The Program

Oracle DB, After Run the program


  • To deleting the object( 1 row) form the database we need to call delete method in the session.
  • In the hibernate we have only one method to delete an object from the database that is what i have shown you here..

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7 Responses to “Example On Hibernate Delete Query”
  1. manik says:

    are the column names in the pojo class case sensitive??

  2. bbvnb says:

    its very gud website to leran basic concepts

  3. Nagaraju says:

    Hi Siva,

    Can we delete multiple rows at a time,
    for eg i am using the below code to delete multiple rows

    Object o=session.load(Sample.class,new Integer(9035));
    Object o1=session.load(Sample.class,new Integer(9037));
    Sample s=(Sample)o;
    Sample s1=(Sample)o1;
    Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction();

    but is it possible to write the above code in oneline like

    Object o1=session.load(Sample.class,new Integer(9037,9035));

    Please give me the clarification for this post.


  4. Pallavi HN says:

    Sir, in hibernate we are having delete(String agr0,Object obj).what is the use of this.can you expalin us please.Thank you

  5. Avinash Kumar says:

    Yes, We can delete multiple rows at a time.

  6. santhosh says:

    Hello siva,
    Iam unable to delete the rows from my we create table already in our database before deleted.

    And why the ddl is update while we perform delete query.

    please help me in doing this.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Sanjay says:

    You are sending product id 103 like
    Object o=session.load(Product.class,new Integer(103));

    How hibernate will identify we are sending product id???


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