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How To Install Java, Install java in windows

Let us see this basic tutorial, how to install java in your system..


Download JDK 1.6 [ what ever the version you want, its 1.6 the time i writing this article ] from / any sharing sites, its just about 5060 Mb in size.



Now just double click on this application and just follow the bellow steps…


Click on Accept >


Click on Next >


Let is install >


Now you will get one new window with title SE Runtime Environment 6, which is nothing but JRE, JDK needs JRE to be install first, so click Next


Then finally it will show you one window with Finish button just click on that, and that’s it, let us see the class path settings….

Its simple mates, just right click on My Computer Icon then choose Advanced system settings..


click on that Advanced system settings then it will shows like..


Now just click on Environment Variables button at bottom-right then…


Then select path, and click on Edit button….


Now there, just append your bin folder path of jdk folder,   in my system it is like…   c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.0.6\bin;

I think this path is same for all systems with windows 7 operating system, and that’s it mates you did it, now you have Java in your system :-)

Enjoy java programming…!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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7 Responses to “How To Install Java, Install java in windows”
  1. ANKIREDDY says:

    why we are using annotations?what is the use over xml files?

  2. Seema says:

    Hi Why did u not mentioned of setting up classpath using properties.

  3. sravankumar says:

    hi frd
    i need clarity about oops concepts
    1) Difference b/w encapuslation and abstraction?give more example?

    2) Data hiding is possible in both encapuslation and polymorphism explain the
    deeply frd plz?

  4. Panneer says:


    How to insert non-English languages to Mysql database using hibernate framework ?


    what is meaning of Hibernate Interceptors?

  6. guru says:

    Nice tutorials..
    kindly provide 4+ years experience interview questions, discssions and programs too.

    Thank you very much….

  7. Sravani says:

    What is the difference between path and class path.can u explain …


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