How to Set Classpath For Servlet,setting Classpath For servlet-api.jar

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As i told you in the previous article, we should set servlet-api.jar in our class path, in order to work with servlet applications.  We cannot run servlet applications if you didn’t set servlet-api.jar.

Where Can You Download servlet-api.jar

  • You can download servlet-api.jar by searching in Google
  • Or just open your Tomcat installation directory and search for lib folder –> there you can find servlet-api.jar 🙂

Setting Classpath

  • Open command prompt
  • Type this command, set classpath=”C:\Program Files (x86)\apache-tomcat-7.0.33\lib”;
  • Thats it

But friends, don’t worry 🙂 we are going to run the servlet application in Eclipse so things are very very easy, i will show you in the first program.



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7 Responses to “How to Set Classpath For Servlet,setting Classpath For servlet-api.jar”
  1. balu says:

    what is oops concept?explain each one?

  2. karthiik says:

    how can i set classpath servlet_api.jar and struts_core_1.3.10.jar

  3. hello sir i am learning java which basic i am follow.

  4. Nilesh SOBALE says:

    How we run jdbc application with servlet in ubuntu when i run we require to set two class path one is mysql connector.jar and another is servlet-api.jar file how i can set

  5. arts says:

    plzzz suggest me reference book for advance java…..i m studin in BCA

  6. calisto says:

    I set java paths and lib servlet and jsp class path also but still its show error

  7. Juhi says:

    How to set path of jdk 1.6 and classpath of weblogic for run the servlet??? There is some issue that "it is not recognized an internal and external command."


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