Example On Converting JSON Text To JavaScript Object

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Let us see this concept before we see an example

  • JSON arrays are written inside square brackets
  • Array can contain any number of objects


{"names": ['+'{"name" : "java4s",  "address"  : "United States", "admin"  : "sivateja",  "age"  : 25},'+'{"name" : "php4s",  "address"  : "United States", "admin"  : "teja",  "age"  : 26}'+']}

Here names is an array containing 2 objects. By using JavaScript syntax we can access the values with the help of “.” operator, will show you this in the following example.


How To Create JSON Object Array
<script language="javascript" >

var JsonObjecttext = '{"names": ['+'{"name" : "java4s",  "address"  : "United States", "admin"  : "sivateja",  "age"  : 25},'+'{"name" : "php4s",  "address"  : "United States", "admin"  : "teja",  "age"  : 26}'+']}';

var JsonObjectName = eval ("(" + JsonObjecttext + ")");

document.write("<font color='#148ee3' size='2' face='verdana'>Name - <font color='#000'>" +JsonObjectName.names[0].name+"</font></font> || ");
document.write("<font color='#148ee3' size='2' face='verdana'>Age. - <font color='#000'>" +JsonObjectName.names[0].age+"</font></font> || ");
document.write("<font color='#148ee3' size='2' face='verdana'>name - <font color='#000'>" +JsonObjectName.names[1].name+"</font></font> || ");
document.write("<font color='#148ee3' size='2' face='verdana'>name - <font color='#000'>" +JsonObjectName.names[1].age+"</font></font>");

<font face="verdana" size="4">Example On Createing JSON Object Array</font><br><br>

<font face="verdana" color="#ff0024" size="2">
<font color="#000">
var JsonObjectName - Here JsonObjectName is the object name, <br>can give your own name.</font></font>



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2 Responses to “Example On Converting JSON Text To JavaScript Object”
  1. siva says:

    its a good tutorial for know about json. keep it up


  2. Venu says:

    Very new to Ajax/json scripts

    thanks for your tutorials – helps easy to grasp.


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