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Struts 2 Tabbedpanel Example

Struts » On Oct 27, 2011 By Sivateja

Let us see how to work with this struts 2 Tabbedpanel.

jars required

  • commons-logging-1.0.4.jar
  • freemarker-2.3.8.jar
  • ognl-2.6.11.jar
  • struts2-core-2.0.11.jar
  • xwork-2.0.4.jar


files required

  • index.jsp
  • success.jsp
  • web.xml
  • struts.xml

Directory Structure






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7 Responses to “Struts 2 Tabbedpanel Example”
  1. Mohammed Vaseem says:

    Am getting error in this program as No tag “tabbedPanel” defined in tag library imported with prefix “s”.
    I downloaded the source code. The code of success.jsp is of another concept but not of tabbedpanel.
    Please help.

  2. Java4s says:


    Gosh, some thing went wrong.
    I have updated the files, please download & check it again.

    Thank a lot vaseem.

  3. Saloni Agarwal says:

    Hello java4s,
    The rar file is showing me garbage data. how can i open this file?

  4. Java4s says:


    Download that .rar file and open with WinRar software. I have tested and working fine from my end.

  5. i have downloaded .rar file and copied content in my project but still it is not showing proper output as u shown above. i new to struts.

  6. Java4s says:

    @durgesh kumawat
    What type of error you are getting…?

  7. sailaja says:

    It is not enough to paste the jar files in lib folder.You need to add all 5 jar files to your project build path (right click on project stuts-tabbed-paneEx -select bulid path-select configure build path-click add jars-select all jar iles under you project’s lib-click ok)


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