Spring Aspect Oriented Programming – Aspect Introduction & Example

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Yeah.., will see what is the meaning of this term Aspect in spring AOP.

  • An aspect represent the cross-cutting functionality name, remember just name only.
  • One real time service required for a business logic is called one Aspect.
  • Aspect denotes only the cross-cutting functionality name not its implementation and all.

See here we are adding 3 services to our withdraw() and deposit() methods at run time.  So what is this ?  we have 3 Aspects here which are Authentication Aspect, Logging Aspect, Transaction Aspect/ May be Mailing Aspect in future.

Hope you understood right ? am again saying Aspect means just service name,  its implementation is irrelevant as of now.  That’s about Aspect in spring AOP.




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9 Responses to “Spring Aspect Oriented Programming – Aspect Introduction & Example”
  1. Simpy Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!

  2. Rajashekar says:

    How to use prepares statement in Spring

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    simply superb………………
    ……………thank you very much

  5. Swati says:

    Hi Sir,

    Excellent Tutorial … if possible please cover design patterns …. Thanks

  6. Venkatakumar says:

    Very simple to understand, great tutorial…Thanks

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    This site is very nicely designed. i learn so many things from this site. Keep it up

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    nice explanation sir


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