Spring Framework Installation

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Before we are going to see the example on setter injection with primitive, let us see how to install spring framework in your system.

Few Points regarding this..

  • Working with a frame work software is nothing but working with a set of jars given by that framework
  • If we want to use spring framework in a java client application then we need to set the framework jars in class path
  • Spring is distributed as a COMBINED jar file for all modules [ 7 modules ] and also individual jar file for each module [1 for core, 1 for Context, 1 for ..bla bla… i mean provided separate jar file for each module]
  • Spring is initially released by interface 21, and now it is renamed as
  •,  download spring framework 2.5 for initial programming programs –> unzip and find the jars in dist folder
  • The main jar file of spring is called spring.jar it depends on commons-logging.jar (will not come with spring, just get it from some where in the internet)
  • Am going to set spring.jar and commons-logging.jar, so that no need to set separate jar for each module, these 2 are sufficient for all modules.  If not so you can set individual jar files for each module, its little tedious

So in order to work with spring framework we need to set following two jars in classpath

  • spring.jar
  • commons-logging.jar

Now we will see the example On setter injection with primitive values, if you see the first example you will be able to understand all future concepts easily 😉


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16 Responses to “Spring Framework Installation”
  1. saharh says:

    hello thanks for your kind support.
    I would like to put forward one point.
    If you can provide a direct download link to spring framework from your site itself it will be great..
    As it is open source so I don’t think any policy will be breached.

  2. Java4s says:


    Yeah its really good idea. But seems spring team providing different links for different versions right ? so i thought its better to let the users to download their required version.

  3. RajKirpal says:

    Hi, Java4s

    Subject : Minor Correction.

    Topic :Spring Framework Installation

    In this topic details by mistake you guys have written “” but it is “” . 😉

    and some where in some tutorials the spelling of “here” is written “hear” 😉

    it is not big issue users can understand it but just intimating you buddy.


  4. Java4s says:


    Thank you so much Raj, i have updated 🙂

  5. siva says:

    Dear sir,
    it’s a good site for spring but not yet cover all the modules like AOP, MVC and if possible try to put remaining modules also…
    Thanks & Regards

  6. java4s says:


    Siva, Actually we are working on remaining modules of Spring, However you will be updated through our Facebook/Twitter page(s) or Email Newsletter once we posted.

    Thank you

  7. sunil says:

    Hi Admin,

    U made me understand Dependancy injection process.
    Sivateja rox .

    Thank you,

  8. Hi,dude actually i don’t know who r u but u did a great job by updating all these concepts and all and actually i heard all these spring concepts as it is in sekhar sir class in sathya……any how thank you,keep on adding new concepts.


  9. Bharat says:

    Hi , I had done Installation of Spring2.5 as you said. But I am not able to find correct link for Spring 3.x whenever I tried to download it i think I am getting(i think) some kind of ServicePacks..Because I never found \Dist folder where Generally this Jar files located. Can U please help Me out.

  10. Santhosh Reddy Y says:

    you did great job….boss…really thanks to you….keep rocking..

  11. shakir says:

    hello sir,
    it is an excellent to understand,but in “few lines regarding” 5th point just edit this one, in this source spelling mistake is there

  12. sri says:

    I never bookmarked any site but this is first time i did.
    Its wornderful explanation…. Thanks siva.

  13. Bala says:

    Hi sirji… it will be very useful to readers if you provide download of jar file for all tutorials you provide.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. Shantha Dodmane says:

    Quoting this line from In Spring Framework Installation :
    “The main jar file of spring is called spring.jar it depends on commons-logging.jar (will not come with spring, just get it from some where in the internet)”

    Even though Spring.jar is depends on commons-logging.jar, why commons-logging.jar is not packaged with Spring.jar and given as a single jar to users? Why anyone should download them separately?
    If it is given as single jar file(after combining both Spring.jar and commons-logging.jar), it would be great for the Spring users right?

  15. suresh says:

    Good tutorial

  16. Nageswararao says:

    Hi Bro,
    If possible, could you please post spring 3,4,5 updates as well in this tutorial . So that can easily update our knowledge.


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