Spring Modules, What Are Spring Modules

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Actually in spring 1.x, the framework has divided into 7 well defined modules.  But in 2.x framework is divided into 6 modules only..

  • Spring Core Module
  • Spring Context [ J2EE ]
  • Spring DAO Module [ Spring JDBC ]
  • Spring ORM module
  • Spring AOP [ Aspect Oriented Programming ]
  • Spring WEB-MVC Module

Actually in spring 1.x, web, mvc are given as separate modules…

Spring Core Module is the base for all modules, and very important

Let us see one by one module in depth….. 🙂


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28 Responses to “Spring Modules, What Are Spring Modules”
  1. sankar says:

    Thank is really helpful to me

  2. Java4s says:


    Glad to hear that its helped :-), thanks for your feedback.

  3. Ajit says:

    Please give information about web-mvc module.

  4. Ranjan says:

    Hi sir
    I have not seen this types of site .
    It is very simple and easy way.This is very usefull for any student.
    One request is that can you give the detail about the struts1,please

  5. Ramu s says:

    Hi ,
    This is very helpful
    but i want more…deeply…

  6. Prasadhini says:


    Thank you for this site. It is very useful.:)
    Can you please write about spring batch.

  7. vijay says:

    Well done sir!!This is excellent platform for all java learners,keep it up.

  8. thank u it is really helpful for me

  9. Sir.

    i have explained the concepts in much eaiser way, because i’m begginer for Springs framework.
    Thanks you sir

  10. Thanks sir really help full to every java learning & Java Spring Developer

  11. mahammad ali says:

    Really thank you Sir.

    after reading this site i got knowledge of Spring little bit as a beginner

  12. Vikas Shinde says:

    Explanation is very clear and understandable. Thank you so much.

  13. himanshu vyas says:

    heads of to you sir. its like you are sittng near to me and teachng. please uplod jsp section asap plzzzzzzzzzz,,,,,,,,,thank u soooooo much

  14. Tuan Vu says:

    Thanks for your articles.

  15. Lalita Kamde says:

    Thanks for your efforts. Its really helpful for me.

  16. Anandhi says:

    Hi Siva,

    I am tester, I like to learn and develop program in Java which i got an opportunity. this site is very useful. Really a great job. People who does not know more about coding or beginners of java also can understand the concept of each and every frame work.

    Hats of You….Keep up the good work.

  17. Girija.K says:

    Please give the notes about JSP.

  18. karthik says:

    provide next page option like other websites so that it would be easy to refer this site

  19. mahesh says:

    Beginers can be easily understand this subjecr

  20. Prateek Aryan says:

    This is the best tutorial website I have ever seen for beginners willing to learn java.

  21. mangal das lima says:

    This is the new concept, which i was looking every where. but thanks for ur post.
    please keep posting like this much needed information.

  22. thanks,Its really helpful for me.

  23. Niru says:

    Thanks a ton.You explain everything have no ideathat finding ur site is like a blessing to me

  24. Sandip says:

    This very helpful article.
    Could you please update changes according to latest spring version.

  25. kammit krishna says:

    Hi Sir, Could you please make a tutorial on spring transaction and security modules ?

  26. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    Nice thought

  27. Mahesh says:

    It is very simple and easy way.
    This is very use full for any technical person.
    One request is that can you give the detail about the struts2.0,please.


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