How To Use Resource Bundle In Struts2

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In struts2, if we want to get labels and error messages from an external file then we need to use resource bundle.  The resource bundle in struts 2 is similar to struts 1 but the difference is,  in struts 1 we need to configure the resource bundle name in struts-config.xml, but in 2.x we need to configure our bundle name in file.

Both our Bundle, and files need to be store in classes folder only

Syntax of

struts.custom.i18n.resources= your bundle name


(Let my bundle name being java4s)

Syntax of

enter.user   =  User name
enter.pass   =  Password
user.wrong =  You must enter the user
pass.wrong =  Password should be entered
u.p.wrong   =  User or Password is wrong

something like key = value

In action class if any logic is failed then also we get error messages from a bundel.  At this time we need to make it as an actionError, not fieldError.  If we want to display an action error on a browser then in jsp we need to use the tag called <s:actionerror>

We will see this in the next example with programmatic validations




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5 Responses to “How To Use Resource Bundle In Struts2”
  1. Mohammed Vaseem says:

    Hello Java4s,
    How to use an application with multiple .properties file?
    When I tried to have it, Struts is considering only the first file which i specified in file.
    Please help
    Thanks in Advance
    Mohammed Vaseem

  2. Java4s says:


    We can write multiple resource bundles specified by providing a comma, some thing like..

    struts.custom.i18n.resources=java4s,java4s2,java4s3…..bla bla

    Hope you will clear.

  3. Kranthi says:

    Hi Java4s,

    I have a requirement to display country related states in the drop-down list of Struts2 tags with out using AJAX/JQuery client side code.
    By using struts 2 tags with out refreshing the whole page we need to display cities drop-down list.

    Please help me in solving the above requirement.

    Thanks in Advance
    Kranthi Kumar

  4. viren shah says:

    Hello sir,
    why we use the resource bundle in struts2 and whats the main role of interceptor and difference between action and interceptor


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