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Spring AOP JoinPoint, What Is JoinPoint In Spring Framework

Spring » On Aug 6, 2012 By Sivateja

While creating the business logic of the method the additional services are needed to be injected (which we saw already) at different places or points, we call such points as join points.  At a join point a new services will be  added into the normal flow of a business method.

While executing the business method, the services are required at the following 3 places (generally), we call them as JoinPoints..

  • Before business logic of the method starts
  • After business logic of the method got completed
  • If business logic throws an exception at run time

At the join point, an Aspect is injected, nothing but the implementation of Aspect i mean Advice will be injected :-) hope you understand.

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One Response to “Spring AOP JoinPoint, What Is JoinPoint In Spring Framework”
  1. mahesh says:

    Hi sivateja,Thanks for the tutorials am admired with this spring tutorials very easy to more request you to that is please provide the SPRING ORM
    module tutorial as soon as possible
    thank you


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