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Folks, here is the index of struts tutorials, actually in hibernate we have given from very basic i mean a separate example even for a simple concept, but in struts some times we have included multiple concepts in the…

Why Struts 2, Introduction To Struts Framework

Let us see the quick and brief introduction to struts 2 framework, struts is an open source framework given by Apache software foundation under one of its projects called Jakarta.  Struts is the frame work, used to develop web…

Struts 1.x vs Struts 2.x Main Differences

Let us see the component and functional differences between struts 1.x and struts 2.x  In struts 1.x front controller is ActionServlet In 2.x front controller is FilterDispatcher In struts 1.x we have RequestProcessor class In 2.x we have Interceptors…

Struts Execution Flow Diagram, How Struts Works

Let us see the execution flow of struts2 Execution flow of struts When a client request is given, a web container will receive request Web container loads web.xml and verifies whether the url-patterns are verified or not, if matches…

Download Struts jar files, Jars Required For Struts Framework

In order to work with struts2, the following jar files are required, actually more than 6 but these are enough for simple application level. Working with the framework software is nothing but, adding the .jar(s) files provided by that…

Struts 2 Hello World Program

Let us see the Hello World program of struts 2, files required.. success.jsp error.jsp index.jsp web.xml  struts.xml  Directory Structure index.jsp



Struts2 Login Application Example

Let us see the simple login application using struts2, but friends am giving with out validations, we will see in depth validations very soon success.jsp error.jsp index.jsp web.xml struts.xml…

Struts 2 Store User Input Details In Separate Java Bean

Let us see how to store user input details in the separate bean, actually up to now we stored user input values in Action class by writing setters and getter methods, but there is a chance to store in…

How To Use Resource Bundle In Struts2

In struts2, if we want to get labels and error messages from an external file then we need to use resource bundle.  The resource bundle in struts 2 is similar to struts 1 but the difference is,  in struts…

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