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What Is Spring Framework, Spring Introduction

Spring » On Aug 3, 2011 By Sivateja

Let us see what is Spring Framework, and why we need to work with this Spring

  • Spring is a light weight and open source framework created by Rod Johnson in 2003. Spring is a complete and a modular framework, i mean spring framework can be used for all layer implementations for a real time application or spring can be used for the development of particular layer of a real time application unlike struts [ only for front end related ] and hibernate [ only for database related ], but with spring we can develop all layers
  • Spring framework is said to be a non-invasive means it doesn’t force a programmer to extend or implement their class from any predefined class or interface given by Spring API, in struts we used to extend Action Class right that’s why struts is said to be invasive
  • In case of struts framework, it will forces the programmer that, the programmer class must extend from the base class provided by struts API
  • Spring is light weight framework because of its POJO model
  • Spring Framework made J2EE application development little easier, by introducing POJO model

Spring having this much of demand because of the following 3 reasons….

  • Simplicity
  • Testability
  • Loose Coupling



Spring framework is simple because as it is non-invasive, POJO and POJI model



Actually for writing the spring application, server [Container] is not mandatory, but for  struts applications we need a server, and for EJB too.  If we want to test the application it may need lot of changes in the source and each time we must restart the server to view the changes, which is little tedious and time taking but we can over come this in Spring, for testing spring application server is not mandatory spring has it own container to run the applications.

Spring can be used to develop any kind of java application, means we can develop starting from console application to enterprise level application


Loose Coupling

In spring objects are loosely coupled,  this is the core concept of spring framework we will see in depth about this loose coupling and how its differ from tight coupling


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41 Responses to “What Is Spring Framework, Spring Introduction”
  1. Anwar says:

    This is very helpfull for java people but can you add spring MVC and spring AOP these concepts are more helpfull for all.

  2. Java4s says:


    Sure we are working, we will update the remaining topics very soon.

  3. Bikash says:

    this is excellent website to learn spring,hibernate.please add spring MVC and spring AOP and Spring Context.we are waiting….

  4. Java4s says:


    Thank you bikash, we are working on these modules and will post as soon as possible.

  5. Ravi Gaddam says:

    Excellent…try to think about from basic java,servlets and Jsp also…all the best…good luck

  6. Java4s says:

    @Ravi Gaddam

    Thank you Ravi, yeah next articles will be on Servlets and Jsps only :-)

  7. suresh says:

    this is excellent website to learn spring,hibernate.

  8. arunkumar says:

    Thanks for such nice post!

  9. java4s says:


    You welcome…!

  10. java4s says:


    Articles related to Spring JDBC are already posted, pls check once :-)

    We are working to complete AOP ,MVC

  11. arjun says:

    the best site i have ever seen for spring hibernate.

  12. Java4s says:


    You welcome, and thanks for your feedback.

  13. radhakrishna says:

    Very good explanation,you know in hyderabad(india) so many tutorials are there for tech java they are fallowig your tutorial.

    all the best.

    Radhakrishna mulpuri.

  14. Suresh P says:

    Excellent tutorial to learn…. :)

  15. Nagachandra Mouli says:

    i read many books..but i get the clarity through this material…very help full to all…but add spring mvc and Aop also..


  16. Java4s says:

    @Radhakrishna,@Suresh,@Nagachandra Mouli

    Thanks for your lovely feedback :-)
    Yeah we are in a way to complete spring AOP, and then MVC soon.

  17. Utkal says:

    Thanks a lot for you ,because your website helps me,i was not clear anout the Spring,now i got so much of IDEA………………

  18. Java4s says:


    Got you :-) happy to hear that its helped you.

  19. Basker Rao says:

    this is excellent website to learn spring,hibernate.please add spring MVC and spring AOP and Spring Context.
    Basker Rao

  20. vijay says:

    nice tutorial…learnt hibernate from this site…cool stuff

  21. Dhanajay Rao says:

    Simple and understandable terminology,this is one of the best site for java people i believe. We are looking for spring WEB MVC and remaining modules and WEBSERVICES also.

    Thank you,
    Dhananjay G

  22. chandu says:

    Hi, i am chandra sekhar
    This is very helpfull for java people. but can you add spring MVC and spring AOP these concepts are more helpfull for all. pls add pls

  23. subhash says:

    this is excellent website to learn spring,hibernate.
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  27. Veerraju says:

    Hi this is Veerraju, your interduction of Spring is simply Good Who people wants to learn Spring without attending class.

  28. pavan says:

    Hi sir tanq for ur nice posts i have a doubt u said in this post that spring is good support for testing applications because it doesn,t need a server(Actually for writing the spring application, server [Container] is not mandatory) but with out server how a web application can work?

  29. sudheer says:

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  30. Dushyant says:

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    You are doing a great job….
    once again thanks alot

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  38. awesome website for java developers,,keep on,rock the way,,thanks for providing this site

  39. Ashok says:

    i would like to say thanks to Mr. Sivateja for providing such a kind of easy tutorials even my faculty also explained same example in the class room

  40. Jagadish says:


    This is excellent website to learn spring,hibernate and web services. Please add OOPS also.

  41. Pramod kumar says:

    This is very good for beginner,thanku for giving such a beautiful story about spring.


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